Polyfoil Tubes

Discovered in the 1960s and still the number one barrier laminate tube. Polyfoil® tubes, with their wafer-thin, invisible aluminium barrier coated on both sides with plastic, are the perfect packaging for highly sensitive products.

The longitudinal seam of our Polyfoil tubes is invisible which means that they can be printed all-around. The tubes retain their shape until completely emptied. And if the tube of your dreams has yet to be invented? Then our technical competence centre will develop it in collaboration with you and we will customize it to perfectly meet your needs.

They exhibit high barrier and preservation properties:

  •  Protection against light
  • Diffusion-tight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • High impermeability to organic and chemical substances

Polyfoil Tubes Making at Burhani Group of Industries .